An Apology from Betty

I thought I would just write a quick post to update you on ‘The Undateables’ situation. I wasn’t aware that it would cause the stir that it did… and I wanted to thank everyone who messaged or tweeted me. The messages were all so kind and reassuring; sometimes I think that I was just being pathetic, but the reaction confirms in my mind that perhaps the production company were quite insensitive in the way they approached me.

Anyway, I received an apology email from them this week after my brother-in-law went to meet with the head producer of the show on Monday. They have apologised for any offence they caused and have also admitted that associating me with a completely unrelated charity to spinal injuries was a case of ‘genuine human error’.

I am appreciative that they have taken the time to personally apologise to me, but I can’t help thinking that this wouldn’t have been the case if my brother-in-law had not have spoken to them, and I just hope that there aren’t many more people that they have offended and upset with their recruitment process.

The whole situation can now be put to bed as far as I’m concerned… I will probably get a slight shudder when the new season of the show starts and it will remind me of this time when my confidence took a bit of a knock. But I am quite resilient these days… and when I make the decision to date again it will most definitely not be in front of any TV cameras!!


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