Round 3

I am once again back in Kunming for the third, and most likely, final time. I have been back for 10 days now, and have settled back into my routine. This time I found it extremely tough to leave England and I have to say I was absolutely dreading coming back here. The hours I put into the gym are so exhausting, and all I remember from the last time I was here (Feb – May) was the huge amount of strength and motivation that I had to dig deep to find every single day. However… I am giving the programme another 3 months, and I will return home for good at the end of October.

There are numerous reasons why I will end my time here then; the main one being that it will have been a year (on and off) by then, and my apartment lease runs out, and I would have to commit to another full year on the lease if I wanted to stay longer. The apartment rental system out here is strange, and you actually have to pay a year’s rent up front, and not on a month by month basis. I also do not want to spend another winter out here with the lack of central heating! And there are a few things happening in England this winter that I am NOT missing out on…but I can’t say any more about that for now.

I massively blame my family for me not wanting to return here this time around… I had such an amazing 6 weeks back in England with them that I just didn’t want to leave. Two of my sisters got married and my parents moved house, so it was extremely chaotic and I was busy pretty much every single day. The weddings were both absolutely stunning, and were just such happy occasions. I know that sounds so cheesy, but it really is true. And now all three of my sisters are married, and for the first time I have some brothers πŸ™‚ My dad must be quite happy that there are some more men in the family now… he has been outnumbered for years and years!


My very proud dad walking Sam down the aisle

My favourite picture from the day... the brand new Mr and Mrs Joe North!

My favourite picture from the day… the brand new Mr and Mrs Joe North!

I'm not sure Pip could look any more happy if she tried!

Mr and Mrs George Hamilton… Could Pip look any more happy if she tried?!!

I'm not sure the confetti experience looks all that fun based on these photos!!

I’m not sure the confetti experience looks all that fun based on these photos!!

The other major event while I was back home was my parents moving house. It was very sad to say goodbye to the house they have lived in for the last 10 years. There are so many amazing memories from ‘WC’ and it will be sadly missed by a lot of friends and family who have spent time there over the last decade. But, the new house will be fantastic (it needs a bit of work still), and it has the most spectacular views over the South Downs.

Creepy misty morning view!

Creepy misty morning view!

And 3 days before I flew back to China I braved my fear of crowds and went to see Eminem at Wembley Stadium. Anyone who knows me well will know how much of a huge Eminem fan I have been since I was a teenager… I was never really into boybands.. just Eminem! So when I heard he was coming to London I had the major dilemma about whether to try and get tickets or whether to return to China as soon as the weddings were over. Wellllllll…. my over excited teenage self won after my sister managed to get me the last remaining accessible tickets. So I delayed my return to Kunming and off I went to Wembley Stadium. I had such an incredible evening and I am sooo glad I went. And I have to give massive credit to Wembley Stadium as the whole experience was very stress free. I parked right next to the stadium (less than 100m from the main entrance), and there was an accessible loo right near where we were sitting. I had an amazing view of the stage, and the staff were very attentive and helpful. And considering I am really scared of crowds, I managed to enjoy being surrounded by 90 000 other people!

90 000 is a lot of people... and it wasn't even full by this point.

90 000 is a lot of people… and it wasn’t even full by this point.

Excitement mixed with sheer terror!

Excitement mixed with sheer terror!

But it was so worth it!!!

But it was so worth it!!!

After my whirlwind 6 weeks in England it wasn’t really a surprise that 30+ hours a week in the gym in China wasn’t the most appealing prospect! I was, however, really looking forward to seeing the great friends that I have made out here… especially Ali, Emma and Jenny. I wouldn’t have bothered coming back if they weren’t going to be here, and they are definitely all firm friends for life. It will be very hard to say goodbye when I do finally leave Kunming, but we already have plans in place to see each other again soon.

And now that I’ve been back in the gym for a week I am getting used to it again… I do enjoy the exercise, and I know how good it is for me… So with some great memories of my England visit…bring on the next 3 months of hard work!!

2 thoughts on “Round 3

  1. Sounds like an amazing 6 weeks – but I have missed your blogs πŸ™‚ Looking forward to hearing how your training sessions get on over the next few weeks.

  2. Great to have the fill-in from home and to see the great pictures. I will forward them to Lucy and Emma. After such a fantastic time, it was not surprising you were reticent to leave England again. What will power! Well done. Look forward to hearing how your final stint goes. Much love Celia

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