Last week in China (for now)

The last couple of weeks have been a bit of a struggle for me, and so I am very happy that I am about to start my final week out here before flying back to England for a month.

The main reason why I have been struggling is that I have been suffering from pretty bad headaches and dizziness/light headedness, which really makes a full day of exercise challenging. I have no idea why this has suddenly occurred, and I have had all sorts of blood tests and blood pressure/heart rate monitoring, all of which have proved inconclusive. The doctors at the hospital seem keen to come up with some kind of diagnosis for me, but I honestly believe it is just exhaustion and my body telling me to chill out for a bit. I have extremely sore back and neck muscles, which I definitely think contribute to the headaches, and I think the dizziness may be a result of the very hot weather that we have here again.

So I try my hardest to workout as much as possible, but unfortunately standing and walking seem to make me feel worse, so I have been cutting the afternoon sessions short to come home and lie down. But not putting in a full day at the gym makes me feel lazy and guilty, so I have this internal battle where I can’t decide whether to really push myself to breaking point, or to ease off a bit until I feel better.

My mum arrived here last week, which makes my decisions easier as she will insist I rest when I start to look pale and spaced out! She has also taken over with the cooking and domestic chores, which gives me even more time to relax (but again it makes me feel lazy and guilty!) It is so nice to have her back here for a bit, and to have some company… although it is very strange as I am so used to being on my own in my apartment.

Anyway, we will fly back home in a week, and a few days later my sister is getting married. And then at the end of June my other sister is getting married, and then after that I will return to China for another few months. I am so excited about seeing all of my family and friends, and I cannot wait to sleep in my own bed! Chinese mattresses are not very comfy.. they need to embrace memory foam out here!

I will also be able to continue my strict exercise regime in England, as I definitely do not want to undo all my hard work over the last few months. When I was back in January, I had a walking frame built that is an exact replica of the Chinese walking frames. A few times a week I was able to walk with the help of my mum, dad and personal trainer Jo. It was great, but I would have liked to have done it more. This time when I go back, I will hopefully only need one person to help me, so I will be able to practise much more often. Over the next few days in the gym, my mum is going to pay close attention to the assistance I am given with the walking, and will practice under the guidance of my physio so that she knows exactly what to do when we are in England.

A couple of weeks ago I made a ‘montage’ video of my time in China so far. There is an annual charity golf day held in my honour, which as I couldn’t attend this year, I decided to send this video instead. The funds they raised last year all went towards the Kunming Walking Programme, so I thought it would be appropriate to show everyone what their money is going towards. But I also want everyone else that has supported me to see this amazing opportunity that I have been given… and I am not just talking about those that have contributed money. All of the emails, comments, and well wishes are so so important to me to keep me positive. I can’t tell you how much they all mean, and how much I appreciate them all.

Here is the video…and hopefully I will be seeing lots of you over the summer when I am home.



1 thought on “Last week in China (for now)

  1. Dar Suzanne,
    That video is incredible…..and so are you. What an achievement. Well done.
    I’m pleased your mother has come back out. All the family will be thinking of all of you at Sam’s wedding.
    God bless.
    Love Celia

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