First week back on the job

I have been back in Kunming for a week now and it has been a crazy up and down week… I’m absolutely exhausted but it is so nice to be back.

Not really too sure where to begin… I guess I should rewind to the journey, which was extremely long and very dull! We flew with Cathay Pacific this time, which is the first time I have flown with them. They were actually pretty good, although they didn’t let me board the plane before everyone else so I had to face the humiliation of the aisle wheelchair on a full plane. The aisle wheelchair is so narrow and flimsy, and it barely fits down the aisle so I was constantly being knocked into people in their seats on either side of me. Other than that it all went quite smoothly. We had to wait in Hong Kong airport for a few hours before our connecting flight to Kunming. Neither my mum or I had any sleep so we were getting quite exhausted, and I had a bit of a suspicion that I was starting to get a UTI.

We arrived on Monday afternoon, and had such a lovely welcome to the apartment. Uschi (Ali’s mum) had all sorts of treats waiting for us, including a delicious cake, which was seriously amazing!!


I discovered on Monday evening that I had been right about getting a UTI as I spent most of the night awake with a savage headache and feeling really rough. I spent the next day in bed, and I also discovered that I had a small mark on my butt. Pressure sores are just another thing on the list for people with a SCI. They can be extremely serious, but I had thankfully noticed my red mark early enough so that it hadn’t developed into a pressure sore. I was in bed for two days recovering from the worst of my UTI and turning on my side every couple of hours so that my skin could heal.

During these couple of days it was very very cold outside, and we even woke up one morning to a light dusting of snow…yes, snow! It turns out that when we left Kunming just before Christmas, the weather then turned very mild and there was almost continuous sunshine for 6 weeks. And then the day after we arrive, it snows again… bloody typical!!

However, things started to look up on Thursday. Clear blue skies and very warm sunshine motivated me to go back to the gym and start some gentle exercise. I was thrown back in the deep end however and was straight back into my old exercise routine.. picking up where I left off.

My walking was pretty rusty even though I had been practising when I was back home in England. The physios and doctors took this opportunity to remind me constantly that I shouldn’t have gone back to England and that I would be doing much better by now if I had stayed. Although this slightly upsets me, it also motivates me more to prove to them that I can do this. So I am showing a great deal of patience and am taking it one step at a time (literally!) Yesterday I was told that I have improved a lot since I’ve been back so that has shut them up for a while!!

Here is a little clip of my walking today…not particularly elegant but never mind!

1 thought on “First week back on the job

  1. Pleased you both arrived safely although you weren’t too well. Lovely to have your update. Hope the sunshine is coming out again.
    Love Celia

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