My surgery videos and pictures

I’m going to start off with a warning… The photos and video will not be for everyone. If you don’t like the gory scenes on Grey’s Anatomy or Holby City then I suggest you don’t go any further with this blog post.

The main reason that I have uploaded these is because my family and friends are so keen to see the bursting of the cyst…especially my sister Pip, who loves this kind of thing! I was given the video yesterday, but the file is too large to email, so this is the easiest way for those brave enough to watch.

I explained in my ‘surgery post’ that they had discovered a cyst pressing on my spinal cord in my MRI. This is obviously quite dangerous as any pressure on the spinal cord can kill more of the nerves and prevent messages travelling along the cord. I am aiming to preserve any of the nerves that survived my accident, not kill more of them, so the surgery seemed like an obvious choice for me. Also, the cyst appeared to be slightly higher than my injury level, so any damage caused could have been higher than my current paralysis level.

After the surgery we were told that they had never seen a cyst with as much pressure as mine. Sort of like a blister that bursts (I know it is a pretty disgusting thought, but I did warn you), when they began to peel back the layers of the cyst it basically just exploded. They don’t just stick a pin in the cyst to relieve the pressure, they very carefully peel back the outer layers so that they don’t cause any damage to the spinal cord.

You can now watch the bursting of the cyst in this video. It happens as about 6 seconds in when you see a quite large spray of liquid. They then suction it away, but there is still a lot of fluid and you can see it bubbling away where the cyst was. Anyway, enough explanation… enjoy…

I hope the viewing of that wasn’t too painful! I don’t know why I enjoy watching it so much… I don’t think I have fully registered that it is my back that is sliced open on the table!

I’m also including a few pictures of my surgery here. I’m not entirely sure what is going on in the photos, but I do find it quite fascinating seeing the metalwork in my back. The metal rods and screws look absolutely enormous!


SurgerySeeing the photos also makes me realise why my back is still quite sore!! Although I am well and truly on the mend I still have some pretty achey and tender muscles in my back. This is where I just need to be patient and allow them to heal.

I had my stitches out on Monday and my wound is healing nicely. I am also now back in the gym, although I am only doing 3 hours a day instead of 6.. I am trying not to push myself too much as I know that my body has been through a lot recently. I had another MRI yesterday to check and see that everything in my spine now looks good. The surgeon said it looks great (he actually said hên hâo, which means very good in Chinese… from what I’ve learnt they don’t tend to have many adjectives here!) I will hopefully be shown the MRI tomorrow so that I can see for myself that there is no longer a major blockage to my spinal cord. What this means for the future, who knows… but I am happy to no longer have a high pressure cyst and two bone fragments pushing on my spinal cord.

One of the bone fragments, which they are allowing me to keep as a souvenir!

One of the bone fragments, which they are allowing me to keep as a souvenir!


15 thoughts on “My surgery videos and pictures

  1. Hey Suz, have to admit I managed about 7 seconds of the video before I had to stop it, my stomach isn’t as strong as Pips!!
    So pleased it’s going well out there for you, and that you’re recovering well from the surgery.
    lots of love nikki xx

  2. Obviously loved this being a theatre nurse at heart!!!!!!!! That’s mental!!!!! Metal work looking good, glad back in gym or I know you would be going mad!! Love Claire xx

  3. Hi Suzanne.
    Just watched the video of your cyst, amazing!!! Fab to meet you, please keep in touch, when I get a mo I will ping you over the pics of my fractures, my friend Kate also has some awesome metal work in her back, I will see if I can get hold of those for you too, please keep up the hard work, never ever give up, look at me, 4 years on, rowing, flying and dancing, I can’t walk the day after, but that’s what the tranadol is for! enjoy Christmas with your family, love to you and your mum, dani the air- hostess xxxx ps let me know when your going home. I prob know who’s on the flight,xxx

  4. Hey I know how you feel with the metal I broke my back on June 28 in 2013 after falling four stories rock climbing and it was just 12 days ago I had all 8 screws and two bars removed and they let me keep them. Hope your recovery has been as great as mine.

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