My Sponsored Event…

My last post was all about my next big adventure to China, for which preparations are being made. The price of the treatment is very reasonable for what it is… I will be doing 36 hours of exercise per week (which equates to about 186 hours per month), and the monthly cost of the treatment is roughly £2000. This works out to about £10 per hour, which is substantially less than the amount that I would have to pay anywhere else in the world. This is part of what makes the Kunming Walking Programme such an amazing and unique opportunity; it is extremely reasonably priced for the intensity of the exercise.

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I rely a great deal on fundraising to pay for my rehab sessions and to purchase vital pieces of equipment to keep me fit and healthy. My family and friends have all been so incredible in taking part in sporting events or organising  social events to help raise funds.

So I have decided it was about time that I did something to try and raise some money to help pay for the treatment in China.. and after much deliberation (and some crazy suggestions from people) I have decided to do a sponsored row.

The rower...

The rower…

Rowing is one of the main cardio exercises that I do. Andy at Prime Physio has an adapted rowing machine (the main adaptation is to the seat so that I don’t fall off it!), and in almost every one of my sessions up there I will row about 2000m (2km). I am always trying to beat my PB (which is currently 14 mins 29 for 2000m) and he has everyone else’s Personal Bests stuck up on the mirror so that there is a good incentive to push hard and get a little bit competitive! I find it is a great cardio exercise and I always feel great afterwards (once I have recovered!)

So for my sponsored event I will be borrowing the rowing machine from Prime Physio and rowing a slightly further distance… Andy has suggested the distance, and I rarely turn down a challenge, so I will be rowing the distance of the the English Channel, which at it’s narrowest crossing is 34km (21 miles). I think the most I have ever rowed is 2.5km, so this will be quite a bit further for me!

I have estimated that it will take around 6 hours, although it could potentially take a lot longer as I haven’t ever pushed myself to this kind of limit before, so I don’t know how much I will fatigue during the challenge! But I am so determined to do this, and am weirdly quite excited to see how I manage it.

It will be taking place on 19th October, and I will be starting at 11am so that hopefully I can finish before bed! All my friends/family are being invited down to come and cheer me on, and to help keep me motivated. We are planning to borrow another rowing machine to have alongside me so that my supporters can join me for a kilometre or so. I have stepped up my training recently, and the countdown is on…only 20 days to go!!

I don't think I'll be smiling by the end!

I don’t think I’ll be smiling by the end!

If anyone would like to sponsor me for my crazy rowing challenge, I would be so appreciative. To sponsor me, please click the button below…

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