My little ray of sunshine on this rainy day!

I’ve been quite slack with writing on here for a few weeks now… mainly because I have been making the most of the end of the summer. But it feels like summer is pretty much over now and autumn is on the way. So it means that I have a bit of a backlog of things to write about, so prepare yourselves for a slight bombardment of posts over the next week or so while I catch up!

In the meantime, I thought I would share some gorgeous pictures of Izzy, who became part of the family about a year after my accident. A friend of my sister’s (well he is now her fiancé, but they were just friends at the time) had a dog that was preggers and had said that we could have one of the puppies. So shortly after they were born on Christmas Eve 2011 we went to choose which one we wanted. There was just one girl and one boy, and they were absolutely tiny! We chose the girl and called her Izzy, and about 8 weeks later we brought her home….


Sooooo tiny!

Sooooo tiny!




I have always grown up having a dog in the family, but we’ve never had a little dog before so we were a bit apprehensive about it. But from day one Izzy was just absolutely perfect! She has got such a great personality and everyone in the family is completely besotted by her (in particular my dad!!) Unfortunately I live in an apartment so she in’t allowed to stay at mine (although my sister has snuck her in a few times) and my parents’ house has a nice big garden for her to run around in. But every time I go over there she gets so excited to see me, and she never fails to put a smile on my face no matter how down I’m feeling.

This was her first trip to the beach…

IzzShe absolutely loved it there, but got a bit cold!



She really is the most perfect dog, although I am of course quite biased! She loves jumping up on my lap and catching a ride wherever I’m going, and her most favourite game is throwing sticks/tennis balls.. anything really!

IzzyI literally have hundreds of pictures and videos of her, which although I am tempted to upload, I think everyone would get bored of looking at them!

So while it’s pretty miserable outside, I’ve got my little ray of sunshine to go and visit and make me smile!

Oh and I have to share this picture while I’m putting up pictures of dogs.. This is my sister’s springer spaniel called Alfie.. he is a great character as well… It was raining and he wanted some shelter outside so he backed up into this bush to get away from the rain; I think this photo is absolutely hilarious…




2 thoughts on “My little ray of sunshine on this rainy day!

  1. Animals have an amazing ability to make people smile no matter what – she is gorgeous and so tiny!
    Looking forward to more blogs 🙂

  2. Had forgotten how tiny Izzy was! She is a legend but you cant beat donkey Alf – definitely wasn’t first in line when they handed out the brains but he is not daft when it comes to cold and wet weather, I have a job getting him out of his kennel if the sun is not shinning…..bit like you bee!!!

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