Wedding bells (not mine)

This time next week I will be at my sister’s wedding rehearsal thingy, and then a week tomorrow it is her Big Day!! All three of my sisters are now engaged, but this is the first of the weddings. She started planning it over a year ago and everyone kept saying the time would fly by and it really really has! Especially these last few weeks.

Nicky (the bride to be) lives up in Lincoln and I don’t get to see her as often as I’d like to, so when her fiancé was on his stag weekend a few weeks ago, I went up to spend some good quality time with her.

I have to say I was so impressed with how beautiful Lincoln is. It was a lovely sunny day so we headed towards the Cathedral area. It is a bit of a nightmare to get around the city centre in a wheelchair; old cobbled streets and lots of hills, but it was definitely worth it.


LincolnThe cathedral is so impressive and absolutely stunning. I am an extremely uncultured person (sorry mum!), but I was completely blown away by the size and architecture of the cathedral.

LincolnWe also had time for me to get some ‘souvenirs’ for my parents from the handmade fudge shop nearby, but I am extremely ashamed to say that only half of the fudge made it home because we couldn’t resist it. The smell from the shop is so amazing and inside they are stirring enormous cauldrons of fudge and offering little tasters… mmmmm.. I’m glad I don’t live near there, my willpower is not that great!

Lincoln So I spent some amazing quality time with my sister in Lincoln. We always have so much fun when we are together; so many laughs, and I don’t think I would ever get bored hanging out with her. She gave me a piggy back up and down the stairs so I could sleep in a bed as opposed to the sofa, and it nearly all ended up in a disaster when we were both in a fit of giggles half way up the stairs… Thankfully we regained our composure and no injuries were sustained!

I managed to completely distract myself from the original topic of this post…. The wedding!

The wedding is taking place in the village where my parents live. Nicky and Rob are getting married in the church up the road and then the reception is at my parent’s house. This has meant that my mum and dad have been crazy busy making sure that the garden looks perfect. To me the garden always looks pretty impressive, but it does look extra special at the moment.

I am so so SO excited for Nicky’s big day, and I can’t wait for Rob to be my first brother-in-law. I’m quite nervous about being a bridesmaid, but thankfully Nicky will be the centre of attention so I’ll just be able to blend in and enjoy her special day.

So if everyone reading this could please keep their fingers crossed for the weather to be nice it would be massively appreciated. My sis means the world to me and I want everything to be perrrfect for her and Rob.




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