The Riding House Cafe, London

I’ve never really ‘done brunch’ before, so when I was last up in London staying with my sister, she took me to The Riding House Cafe on Great Titchfield Street. We booked a table as it is a very popular brunch-ing destination, and eventually managed to park just across the road so I didn’t have to negotiate too many London pavements (which, by the way are an absolute nightmare for wheelchairs).

The Riding House Cafe

There is the most enormous step to get into restaurant. We were aware of this before we went, so it wasn’t a surprise, and my sister and her fiancé easily lifted me up it.

The Riding House Cafe

The waitress that greeted us was very welcoming and showed us to our table. It wasn’t too busy inside, and there was enough room for me to make it to the table without anyone else having to move. If there had been more people sitting up at the bar then it would have been a whole different story, but thankfully Tuesday mornings aren’t peak time.

The Riding House Cafe

The menu has a whole range of breakfast options; muselis, fruit, cooked breakfast, pastries, smoothies.. there was quite a variety, and it all sounded extremely tempting. As were were deciding what we wanted the waitress filled up our water glasses, and kept topping them up throughout the meal; a nice little touch to not have to keep asking for water.

The food was very tasty; my sister and I had fairly healthy options, but her fiance went all out with the Chorizo Hash Browns with extra bacon and sausage.. His meal looked incredible, so on my return I might be a bit more adventurous with my choice. A special mention should also go to the jam and marmalade, which were both amaaaazing!!

The Riding House Cafe

The disabled loo was extremely clean and functional. My only slight problem was that the door was sooo heavy.. Pulling open a heavy door and then manoeuvring the wheelchair inside is a skill in itself, so I was happy to accept help form my sister to hold it open for me!

The service and atmosphere at The RIding House Cafe were both great, and other than the two slight accessibility issues (and they are fairly minor in the grand scheme of things) it was a very stress free and enjoyable meal.

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