Taking time to relax

As I have said before, I find it pretty difficult to just switch off and relax. I never really give myself a break and I’m pretty strict when it come to exercising and eating well. I’m really paranoid about the way I look and am very critical about my flaws. I have always been like this, but it seems to be more of an issue since my accident as I can’t blend in so well and always seem to turn heads when I go places.

So recently I have been trying my hardest to just accept the ways things are and to not beat myself up if I decide to chill out for a couple of days. Everyone deserves a break, and I think my weekend off that I had for my birthday reminded me that time off everyone once in a while leaves me feeling extremely refreshed and revitalised.

I spent a lovely couple of days up at my sister’s in London, where I was very well looked after. Staying there massively cuts down my travel time to get to my rehab gyms so it allowed me to workout lots, but to have lots of time off as well. My sister cooked some gorgeous meals for me and I spent a lot of time relaxing on the sofa.

And last week I had the most luxurious day ever. My friend had the week off work and so we decided to treat ourselves to a spa day at a 5 star hotel and spa near where I live. I had been looking forward to the day for weeks and it most definitely lived up to all expectations.

Utopia Spa

There were a variety of pools and hot tubs and we spent the morning going from one to the next. Thankfully they were quite close together so I ditched the wheelchair and just shimmy-ed across the floor!




We then had a delicious three course lunch. Two courses were included in our price for the day, but we decided we needed dessert as well after our hard work that morning! And of course we had to have champagne with the meal… no spa day is complete without champagne!


The afternoon was spent in a similar way to the morning, but also included a champagne and food induced nap!

The whole day was absolutely perfect. I completely switched off and felt so refreshed at the end of the day. The spa is extremely wheelchair accessible and the staff were all so friendly which made it an extremely stress free day. Spa-ing in without a doubt my new favourite hobby and I can’t wait for my next spa day.

Happy and Relaxed

Happy and Relaxed

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