My big sister’s hen party

In three months the first of my big sisters is getting married (I’m sure the other two will be following shortly!) As her maid of honour is pregnant and apparently arranging a weekend where 10+ twenty something years olds are all free is virtually impossible, we had the hen party last weekend.

The bride to be

The bride to be

I was very glad that the hen party was less of the cringe kind of event, and more of a chilled but still drunken weekend. We went to the Ardencote Manor in Warwick where we made the most of the spa facilities and the complimentary champagne in our rooms.


Me and my sisters in the pool

Me and my sisters in the pool (excuse the creepy eyes)

After the spa we played some fun little games, drank more champagne, ate cupcakes and wacked a piñata, but suddenly it was time for dinner so we rushed over to the hotel restaurant for our food (and more drinks).



Dinner was great fun, although I have to say I do have some slight hazy patches where I can’t remember much! We gave Nicky a scrap book which we had filled with embarrassing photos, childhood stories and things that she loves.

After dinner was the point at which I couldn’t handle much more merriment! I don’t normally eat three course meals, and I definitely don’t normally drink that much champagne, so I decided that it was best that I skipped the final activity of the night; live music, more drinking and lots of dancing in a nearby pub. So my sisters returned me to my hotel room, and I gave the bride-to-be a ride there…

Nicky travelling in style!

Nicky travelling in style!

The next morning we enjoyed a nice hangover breakfast, although everyone was feeling surprisingly fresh I think, before we made our journeys home.

It was a great weekend, fantastic organisation from Kate (the maid of honour) who had planned it all perfectly.  I managed to take part in all of the activities (minus the pub at the end of the night) including getting in and out of the swimming pool in front of a whole load of strangers. I’m very self conscious when it comes to things like that, but with the aid of my sisters and a couple of glasses of champagne I managed it. It’s taken me a couple of days to recover from the weekend, but it was well worth it, and I can’t wait for the wedding now! (Only 103 days to go!!!)


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