The Breakfast Club, Hoxton

The Breakfast Club in Hoxton was the location for a casual mid-week dinner following a slightly bizarre drinks/launch party in the area, and it served its purpose perfectly.

We were able to park in Hoxton Square, right by the restaurant, which was absolutely ideal, and the access to the place is no problem whatsoever (no steps, no narrow doorways).

The Breakfast Club


Inside it is very shabby chic… unmatching furniture, random decor and pretty quirky in general. It is usually the type of place where I would feel very out of place because I am not ‘cool’ in the slightest. But I was with three other Londoners who are all cool themselves, and in fact it didn’t even matter because the staff were very friendly and welcoming. We didn’t have to wait for a table, and there was no problem weaving my way through other diners to get to our table.

3716385764_605058f599Unsurprisingly, The Breakfast Club is best known for its all day breakfast/brunch menu, which ends at 5pm, although they do still have some ‘late late breakfast’ choices on the dinner menu. They have a variety of American style food; lots of homemade burgers and mac and cheese. But they also offer some ‘comfort food’; pie and mash or chilli, and a few other tasty dishes. I went for a classic bacon and cheese burger and it was enormous. They had crammed a whole load of salad in the burger as well and it was delicious! Just the way a burger should be, and with a nice pile of fries on the side it was the perfect meal! Burgers can so often be disappointing, but The Breakfast Club definitely know how to do them!

There were no accessibility issues in the restaurant; the loo was well situated and was very user friendly. The staff were very friendly and chatty, and all in all I would highly rate this place. From what I hear it is an entirely different story for weekend brunch; long queues down the street and lots of people squeezing around small tables. I’m glad my experience was when the place is quiet and relaxed… I don’t think I could handle it any other way!

The Breakfast Club

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