Bill’s, Covent Garden

In hindsight going to Covent Garden for lunch on the first Saturday of the January sales probably wasn’t the best idea for someone who avoids crowds and likes to keep a low profile. But that’s where I found myself driving around for about half an hour looking for a parking space…

Eventually parked and having found my friend Leni, four of us (me, Leni, sis Pip and her boyf George) ventured to Bill’s for a nice lunch before continuing on to Pink in Bond Street.


The location of Bill’s is ideal. It is away from the carnage of Covent Garden and tucked away nicely in St Martin’s Courtyard. Still only a few minutes from the tube station, this little shopping and eating area is a quiet little haven with no kerbs, no steps and much fewer people! By the time we had arrived I had forgotten about the stress of parking and weaving my way through the manic sale shoppers in the heart of Covent Garden.

We had a bit of a wait for a table, and the first table we were taken to was far too low (I couldn’t get my legs underneath it), but thankfully some people from another table were just leaving so we took theirs instead.  First potential crisis averted!

Unfortunately though I wanted to wash my hands, which get absolutely filthy from wheeling around, but their disabled loo was blocked by a couple of tables, and their other loos are upstairs… Hmmmm, either I could create a scene and get people who are in the middle of their meal to get up and move for me. Or I could just wait until they finish their meal and then the tables would be moved out of the way. Not an ideal situation, but for a busy Saturday lunchtime they obviously want to seat as many people as possible, and I’m sure the loo doesn’t get much use.

In fact I know the disabled loo doesn’t get much use as it completely flooded inside! Once I had turned the taps on and water had started flowing through the pipes a puddle started to grow on the floor. I kept the taps on for a minimal amount of time and made a hasty exit back to the table.


Try and spot the interesting placement of the disabled loo… Just below where the stairs turn the corner and go up again (the cream door to the right of the blackboard)

Anyway…the food there was amazing. The menu is a mix of all sorts of tasty dishes, from a fancy homemade fish finger sandwich to Bill’s macaroni cheese. The portions are generous (I could no way finish my meal) and the prices are very reasonable for the quality and taste of the food. Considering how busy it was and that the staff were pretty much rushed off their feet the service was good and we didn’t have to wait too long for the food.

So aside from the mini flood in the loo (and its location in the middle of the restaurant) I would definitely return for the food! I have heard that their breakfast menu is quite spectacular and as Bill’s is a small chain, I am definitely keen to check out one of their other restaurants, perhaps in a slightly quieter location or on a less busy occasion!

Still it was a fantastic meal; tasty food, great company and it didn’t leave a massive dent in my debit card by any means.

Verdict: Worth the mini dramas for the awesome food!!

Verdict: Worth the mini dramas for the awesome food!!


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