Snow today… PLEASE be gone tomorrow…

I’m going to be a massive Scrooge here and say that I am so pissed off with this snow… while thousands of people are enjoying a snow day, I am now housebound until it melts and I can get out of my road again.


This is the view from my apartment window, where it has been snowing continuously for the last 5 hours. I love where I live, but there is a massive hill on a bend to get to my apartment block, and I am pretty sure that even if I got up it in my car, the going down again wouldn’t work out so well. And to make me even more frustrated I should be on the way up to Cambridge right now to work out… I hate missing out on exercise for no good reason, and a few inches of snow is not a good reason to me. So I am pretty grumpy right now (if you hadn’t already guessed!)

More Snow


I used to absolutely love snow… I lived in the Alps for six months and had an amazing time…the more snow the better! But snow in England is nothing like that, and the combination of snow and wheelchairs just doesn’t work at all. I can’t even go outside and play in the snow now.

More fun snowy times in Val d'Isere

More fun snowy times in Val d’Isere

I was going to just wing it today… hop in the car and just hope for the best, but if I get stuck somewhere then I am completely screwed. I can’t just climb out of the car and try and un-stick it… I would just have to sit and wait to be rescued, which could easily take hours. So my dad, the sensible voice of reason, advised me not to leave the house, and reluctantly (extremely reluctantly, and with a LOT of complaining down the phone to him) I have agreed to stay put. And I am sorry dad, I know the snow isn’t your fault!

So for now I am keeping safe and warm inside…VERY jealous of all the people who are playing outside in the snow, but pretty thankful that I at least have a fully stocked fridge and heating in my apartment. And also thankful that my personal trainer has a 4×4 so that she can come and help me workout this afternoon.

But pleeeeeeeeeeeease be gone tomorrow snow… I have some weekend plans that I really don’t want to have to cancel.


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