Festive Family Fun…

My sister successfully brought me some festive cheer on Friday night, and a visit from my friend on Saturday in a Rudolph jumper has meant that I have remained in good spirits, and I’m actually quite looking forward to the next few days despite the fact that I can’t really drink, my stomach is slightly anti-food these days and I will have to spend most of the time in bed.

Whilst I was pretty heavily morphine-d up in hospital, I did a whole load of online shopping for all of my presents. I have had great fun discovering exactly what I ordered, and it is safe to say my family will be receiving some quite unusual gifts this year! They are now all wrapped and ready to go, and I cannot wait to give them. I absolutely LOVE giving presents, and have gone a little bit overboard this year, but all of my family deserve so much more than I could ever give for being so amazing to me all year round.  My family are a little bit strange in that we have a theme each year with presents to make it a bit more exciting. This year we have each chosen a colour, and everyone gets that person a present in their chosen colour. I have chosen white, so all of my presents will be white (I have told the family I am more than happy to accept blank cheques!!!)

Another thing my family does to keep things a bit different is to choose a theme for our Christmas tree, as the traditional decorations get a bit dull after a while. One year we had miniature bottles of alcohol and packets of cigarettes hanging off the tree, which didn’t last very long. I think the tree was completely bare by Boxing Day. This year we have chosen retro sweets and have got quite a spectacular tree full of flying saucers, drumstick lollies, sherbet dipper things and a star on top made out of strawberry laces.

Our Tasty Tree!

Our Tasty Tree!

I even went as far as baking mince pies this year…something I have been wanting to do for years, but never quite get round to it. Efficient big sister to the rescue… She set everything out like they do on cooking programmes, and basically made it fool proof and so simple for me to do. And guess what, it was so easy and so successful!!! So successful in fact that I am making more tomorrow… baking is extremely therapeutic when it all goes according to plan!

There aren't many things I get out of bed for at the moment...

There aren’t many things I get out of bed for at the moment…

The finished result (with some artistic decoration courtesy of my sis)

The finished result (with some artistic decoration courtesy of my sis)

Ok so they don’t look like Mr Kipling’s, but they are extremely tasty!!

So considering this time last week I was lying flat on my back in a hospital bed in agony, I feel I’ve done pretty well to embrace Christmas this year! I am moving over to my parent’s house tomorrow and the rest of the family will start arriving, and then the real celebrating can begin.

Happy Christmas!!


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