Back from hospital in time for Christmas…

The last couple of weeks have been a bit of a morphine induced blur if I’m honest. I went into hospital for my planned surgery, which thankfully did not get postponed again, and I have now come out with rather patchy memories. I think this is probably a good thing seeing as I detest hospitals having lived in one for three months.

My hospital identity bands aka hospital handcuffs

My hospital identity bands aka hospital handcuffs

I went into hospital with the most positive attitude that I could muster up… I packed my bag with all my nice Pink loungewear and cute pyjamas. I had loads of movies on my laptop and books on my iPad and I lined up as many visitors as I possibly could.

The worst night in hospital was the night before the surgery as I felt so nervous and alone. I have watched enough episodes of Grey’s Anatomy to know that things go wrong in operating theatres; people wake up when they are under anaesthetic and surgeons accidentally stitch people up with their car keys inside them. I quizzed my anaesthetist about all of these scenarios and she assured me that it wouldn’t happen and that TV shows give anaesthetists a really bad name! It still didn’t allow me to get more than about two hours sleep, and thankfully I was first on the list for surgery in the morning.

It also sucks not being able to eat before an operation. Normally I would be fine skipping breakfast, but when someone tells you that you’re not allowed to eat, suddenly that is all I wanted to do. So I was tired and cranky and hungry when I got wheeled away to theatre. I had the sweetest loveliest nurse with me though, and pretty soon I was surrounded by all sorts of people putting needles in my arm and asking me if there was any way I could be pregnant etc etc. Then came the nice part…the anaesthetic got injected into my hand and I felt a calmness wash over me as I drifted off into a peaceful sleep.

I was woken up by excruciating pain in my back.. probably to be expected seeing as it had been sliced open and had some screws and rods removed.  Once they had set up my morphine on tap I was a bit more comfortable, and after a day they switched me to some pretty strong painkillers. But even a week on, and back home from hospital I am still so uncomfortable and in pain almost constantly. Back injuries are absolute agony, and no matter whether I sit or lie down there is still pressure on the scar site. It feels like savage sunburn mixed in with bee stings and pulled muscles all at the same time. Not a particularly nice combination!

A pretty large dressing for my poor back

A pretty large dressing for my poor back

On the positive side, it can’t last forever, and in the long run, hopefully, I should be a lot more comfortable than I was pre-operation.  And my friends and family are being absolutely incredible to me. I am being so well looked after and they are all so patient with me. I am so restless and can be extremely cranky at times (normally first thing in the morning before I’ve popped some painkillers), yet they are all still around making sure I eat, passing things I can’t reach and generally keeping my spirits up.

My sister has even brought Christmas cheer to me this evening… we are going to cram in as many festive activities to our evening  as possible. Decorating the tree, making mince pies, wrapping presents and watching a Christmas movie. It is going to be exhausting, but I am determined to not have my Christmas ruined by a bit of spinal surgery!

I will not be defeated by my little set back from surgery. I always knew it would be a tough few weeks, but I will come back fighting and stronger than before. I have lots of exciting things happening next year, so bring on 2013. It will be a fantastic year, and hopefully by tomorrow I will be full of Christmas cheer and can enjoy the rest of this year as well.

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