Not quite chocolate heaven…

Technically right now I should be heavily dosed up on morphine and lying in a hospital bed somewhere in the north London/Hertfordshire area recovering from surgery. I am being re-admitted to hospital for a third operation on my spine, and it was scheduled for yesterday, but at the last minute got postponed for 2 weeks.  Such a pain in the ass to be informed 24 hours before I was due to be admitted that actually I will now have to wait again.  I have spent the last 4 weeks cramming activities and rehab sessions into every waking hour so that I am as fit as possible for the surgery and to distract me from the impending doom of another week in a horrible hospital. And now I have another 14 days to fill and another 14 sleepless nights to deal with.

Sunday was meant to be my ‘last day of freedom’ as after the surgery I will be bed bound for a good few weeks. Seems like quite a tempting prospect.. duvet days and staying nice and warm when it is freezing outside, but actually it is going to be frustrating and dull, and within a week I will be going stir crazy.   So a few weeks ago myself and one of my BFFs decided we would go to Cadbury’s World as a fun little day trip before I go to hospital. It seemed to tick all the boxes; indoor activity therefore not weather dependent, not a complete rip off and involves free chocolate.. potential chocolate heaven.

Breakfast pit stop on the way up north!

We set off bright and early for our little road trip up north. I had been previously warned by a few different people that Cadbury’s World is actually a pretty terrible day out, but being as stubborn as I am, I decided that they must all be wrong and that I was about to experience something out of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. Unfortunately I was wrong, and it did turn out to be a fairly dull factory tour. The most disappointing thing was that despite the factory operating 24/7, we didn’t actually see any chocolate production really.  And having been told to leave 3 hours for exploring the factory, we were quite surprised to find ourselves back at the start in the overpriced Cadbury’s store after only 45 minutes.

Chocolate Writing

The Chocolate Bean ride

Despite the fairly average experience at Cadbury’s World, we ended up having a fantastic day in general! We never fail to have such a laugh together, and it feels nice to do something different. Long gone are the days where I can be completely spontaneous and reckless. I can’t explore like I used to or go on massive nights out where I dance until my feet won’t let me dance any more. I have to plan where I’m going, when I’m going and how accessible it will be for me. That usually takes out all of the fun element, but I am so blessed to have some of the best friends ever that can make even the most childish well organised tame activity into the most hilarious day trip.

So Cadbury’s World doesn’t have Oompa Loompas, chocolate rivers or Willy Wonka, but the day proved to be a perfect distraction from my impending doom (now re-scheduled for 12th December).  My friends are quite possibly the greatest thing to come from my accident. The ones who have stuck it out and stayed with me through all of the bad times are so special to me. They are so strong and supportive and are pulling me through this massive life adjustment, and I genuinely have no idea what kind of state I would be in if they weren’t constantly calling, texting or seeing me. You guys are amazing!!

The ones who stuck it out with me!

And Cadbury’s World was really just a day trip warm up… I am now planning a trip to Alton Towers!!

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