My mid-week mini-break! Part 2

I left off my last post on my massive high from my shopping experience in VS Pink.  I am still dreaming of that place!

I spent the afternoon on Wednesday with my sis negotiating the roads of Central London and feeling extremely useful as I was our chauffeur for the day. One of the massive perks for me since my accident has been the Motability scheme. Unfortunately it is abused by thousands of people, which hopefully won’t ruin it for people like me who genuinely need and appreciate it.  I give up a certain amount of my Disability Living Allowance fortnightly benefit in order to get a car on this scheme. I chose the car (VW Golf), paid £999 and have the car for three years. I don’t have to pay insurance, road tax, MOT services or repairs, and get free breakdown cover as well. After the three years, I return it and get a new car.

All shiny and new

This car, without a doubt, gave me so much that I didn’t think was possible after my accident. It gave me independence and freedom that I never thought I would ever have again. The car has been adapted with hand controls, but it can still be driven normally, which for me is a bonus as I am terrible at parallel parking! Driving with your hands instead of feet takes a bit of practice, but after the first couple of jerky weeks I was feeling pretty confident in my driving ability, and I haven’t looked back since.

Driving in London is a more stressful experience than all the empty country roads around my home, but my sis is an exceptional navigator so I think I did pretty well! I don’t have to pay congestion charge (bonus!) and we managed to find some great disabled parking spaces (also free..bonus!)

We had a quick lunch at the Pall Mall Deposit Cafe where my sister’s friend (and my American surrogate sister) works for Penelope Chilvers. I then got to check out all of their shoes in the showroom, which are all absolutely stunning!

The Club Sandwich here is perfection!

Next it was on to the M & S Press Day where I got to see what my sis had been working on (she’s a stylist, and an awesome one at that!) I met some of the nicest, sweetest people, and got a manicure while drinking champagne! I’m not normally keen on meeting new people or being around so many fashionable people, but everyone I met was so kind, and not at all intimidating like I had been expecting.

We were on a tight schedule though so we nipped off back home to change and off to dinner at The Breakfast Club in Hoxton. I had somehow recovered enough from my huge lunch to demolish a bacon cheeseburger!

My mini-break was sadly almost over. Thursday morning I drove back up towards Cambridge for a workout at Prime Physio. Motivated by the first outing of my gorge new Pink sweatpants (and Andy mocking me for being so extremely colourful), I worked my ass off and felt great after. I got to use the rowing machine for the first time, and managed 2000m in 16mins1sec. A very acceptable time, and the current client record at Prime Physio.

I’m sure that no one looks good when they work out!

So now I am back home, back to the usual routine having had an awesome few days living  in a whole different world in London. A massive thanks to all the lovely people I met for making me feel so relaxed and welcome, and a huuuge thanks to Pip and George for just being awesome!