My mid-week mini-break! Part 1

I have just had a very nice break from my usual routine that has left me extremely exhausted, but it has been well worth it! And I even managed to fit in all my physio rehab sessions as well (somehow!)

I started on Tuesday morning extremely early.. all packed and ready to go. I perhaps slightly over packed, but I am a girl so I think that’s fairly standard to pack all sorts of outfits ‘just in case’!!

3 bags for 2 days is perhaps a bit excessive!

I went straight up to Cambridge for a three hour mammoth workout at Standing Start. After a little exhaustion break somewhere between the standing and the crawling practice I managed to complete the three hours without too much trouble, and my legs were very grateful for all of the exercise. I knew that a long session would keep them quiet for a couple of days off, as they tend to get a bit cranky if I don’t exercise them regularly!

After my session I headed down to Archway to my sister and her boyfriend’s gorgeous little house which was to be my surrogate home for 2 nights. They always take such good care of me, and I love getting away and breaking routine for a bit.

One of the massive highlights for me was going to Victoria’s Secret that has recently opened on New Bond Street. As much as I love the underwear there, I am ADDICTED to the loungewear they sell in VS PINK. I discovered how amazing these clothes are when I was in Miami last month, so I have been desperate to check out the London store and I was not disappointed.

Very nice doormen!

The store is absolutely gorgeous! It is so beautiful inside and I cannot believe just how big it is! We mooched around VS on the ground floor before taking a cute little lift down to Pink on the lower ground floor. It wasn’t a horrible service lift out the back like so many other stores have, which makes me very happy! I hate having to take a dodgy special lift that is hidden away from everything else.

A lovely ride down to the basement!

The sight that greeted us in the basement was so beautiful…i definitely think heaven is a bit like this!!

Heaven in the form of loungewear

The clothes are all so beautiful and comfy. I pretty much live in sweatpants and cute tops because I spend so much time working out or doing something physical. I enjoying making the effort to look nice when it is required, but I would happily spend all of my money on these kind of clothes! Even the fitting rooms were awesome… we may have got slightly carried away with trying things on, but the staff were all so friendly and helpful with getting different sizes and colours for us. I never felt we were being rushed or that they were getting annoyed with us having SO much stuff to try on!

In the fitting room surrounded by sweatpants

And the best thing about this place is that it isn’t massively overpriced like some other brands that have been brought over to the UK (*cough cough* Abercrombie!) As soon as we left the store I wanted to go back in, so it is definitely high up on my priority list every time I go up to London now. And as soon as they sort out an online store I have a feeling my wardrobe will slowly transform into a Pink showroom!

This little event only takes me up to Wednesday lunch time of my mini break so I will have to pause there, as there is just too much to include in one post! But for anyone that doesn’t own anything from VS PINK, I would suggest going out and getting will change your life!!

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