The Soho Hotel, London

I never expect much from central London in terms of accessibility and having a stress free, step free time. I just don’t think London is the best place for wheelchairs.. there are so many roads, buildings, people, traffic etc in such a small area that it makes it almost impossible to make everything accessible. I applaud people in wheelchairs who live in central London.. I would love to, but I just couldn’t hack it!

So having been to The Soho Hotel pre-accident, I decided to go again about a month ago with my sis and her boyfriend. They are very experienced Londoners so I feel safe with them. They know the places to go, the people to see… so I like visiting and being ‘trendy’ for a couple of days!

We only went to The Soho Hotel for a couple of drinks while we waited for a table a few minutes away, but from when I have been there before, the rooms are insanely gorgeous and the whole atmosphere is amazing. I would love to stay here if my budget allowed it, but sadly I will stick to just a couple of cocktails instead!

The main entrance has steps in, and then steps down into the foyer area once you have been past reception. Steps aren’t my forte, but they were so efficient and friendly about opening a side door that leads straight to the bar area. If the restaurant had been busy then I’m almost certain a lot of people would have had to get up and move so that I could get past, but thankfully for me it was quite quiet and I could get to our table fairly hassle free.

The runway between bar stools and tables looks just about wide enough here.. but add some people in and suddenly it’s a whole different ball game!

Lovely atmosphere once inside, and when I was one cosmopolitan down I decided to venture to the bathroom with my sister. Down in the lift, through a couple of pretty heavy doors later was a very posh and pristine looking disabled loo. But they had forgotten one thing…it’s a disabled loo, therefore grab rails and design layout are slightly more important than looking pretty. There was nothing to hold onto, and the loo wasn’t near anything sturdy for support. Not the end of the world, but it does make transferring on and off the loo a little more challenging. As I was one cosmo down (and I am a massive lightweight these days) I was feeling bold so didn’t let the lack of support phase me. Success..I didn’t end up in a heap on the floor; although the floor was exceptionally clean so it wouldn’t have been a massive drama. And then I was back upstairs for another cocktail.

All in all the place is beautifully and tastefully decorated, the cocktails are awesome and the staff are extremely helpful and friendly. In terms of accessibility, a few grab rails in the bathroom would be massively beneficial and would make the bathroom one of the nicest I have been in by far. And having to use a side entrance to enter the hotel is not my first choice, but as I said, London is a tricky one.  I wouldn’t be in a rush to go back there, but if I found myself in the area I know that it is at least do-able, and it’s a good idea to have some dutch courage before using the loo!

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