The Owl at Kingsfold, Surrey

I absolutely love this place!!

For me The Owl is situated in the most amazing location. I live in West Sussex, and this pub is in between Dorking and Horsham on the A24. It is about half way between me and some of my closest friends living in Surrey/South London, so we often meet here for food and a nice catch up.

The food is delicious…it is sort of traditional pub grub, but there is something extra about it that makes it more tasty and less greasy than a lot of other pubs.

In terms of accessibility, I would give it full marks! There are 2 disabled parking spaces that are as close to the door as possible. Once inside the pub there is a lot of space, and the best thing is, no one has to move for me to wheel past. There is nothing worse than going to a restaurant, and having to get evvveryone to move so I can shimmy past to get to the table or the bathroom. But at The Owl there is loads of space between the tables, which makes it a stress free environment for me!

The bathroom is pretty tip top. Easy to access, the door doesn’t weigh a tonne so I don’t need anyone to open it for me (some doors are crazily heavy and it makes it virtually impossible to open the door and manoeuvre in), and the grab rails are all in good places. Some places have the most ridiculous placement of grab handles/rails, with absolutely zero thinking behind it. I will make these places known as and when I come across them! The loo is also always nice and clean… another area that many establishments fail on.

All in all I think this place is fantastic. If you are ever in the area, wheelchair or no wheelchair, it is most definitely worth a visit.

01306 628499

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