Prime Physio

Prime Physio is one of the most inspiring places I have been to. 95% of this is down to the guy that runs this rehab gym, who I met just after I left hospital when he worked at Standing Start. Andy is Scottish, has an amazing sense of humour and tells great stories. He also has the most amazing ability to keep my morale up, and to make me feel like I am doing so well but in such a subtle way. He gives me the little boost I need so that I feel like I am achieving, even though the results are so difficult to see.

The problem with neurological conditions, and particularly spinal cord injuries, is that visible progress is rare. If you went to the gym on a regular basis, you would start to see the results after a couple of weeks. But because the lower half of my body has no voluntary motor function, I cannot physically see any improvements in it. This doesn’t mean there aren’t any though, and this is where belief and self motivation play a massive role. It is also where a massive amount of frustration occurs. Trust me, if you were working your ass off in a gym 5 days a week and weren’t seeing any physical changes, you would get frustrated too. And you would want to give up.

Giving up would be the easy option for me. I could easily sit around all day watching tv, browsing the internet etc. But I won’t allow myself to, and it is people like Andy who pop into my head when I am ready to quit. He has this infectious spirit that just motivates me to keep going. Maybe it’s how hard he works, or the crazy physical challenges he does (The Iron Man in particular), but whatever it is, it works on me!

The Prime Physio gym is so well equipped with the latest technology to help all sorts of conditions/injuries. After being away for 4 weeks I spotted 3 new bits of kit there today, and Andy has been telling me about a new type of bike that he’s getting in January. It is all so exciting for someone like me… it keeps things interesting and gives me new challenges to set myself. Andy is always on the ball about the latest gadgets and new ways of working out. And he’s ‘in there’ with the right people at Spinal Research, so knows what is going on in terms of stem cells and implants and all those other massively exciting things. Every week he has something positive or interesting to share, and these little bits of information are more powerful than you can imagine.

So for me, if there’s one person to know, it is Andy Galbraith.. an awesome physio, a genuinely nice guy, and a bloody inspiring person to be around! And now thanks to him, I’m going to get off my ass and go on my FES bike because I know I should!!

The only picture I could find of me at Prime Physio with Andy is this screen grab from a TV interview… I am mid sentence, which is why I look ridiculous! I am also standing up, which is why we are almost the same height.

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